Enjoy Menorca in 2021

Menorca, more precious than ever

Despite that 2020 has been a year to erase from our memory, due to the Covid19 pandemic situation, we prefer to extract the positive side of things.

This is the best moment to enjoy the essence of Menorca and all her charms due to the low pressure she has suffered with the drop of holidaymakers that have visited this last summer season. This situation has offered the natural resources of Menorca to breathe and regener-ate. Therefore, the Posidonia (a fundamental algae for the maintenance of the islands cristal waters) has not dimished as in previous years, the sand dunes of the beaches have been restored and not so dirty, and many other examples.

Though for those like us who live from tourism, the pandemy has been a terrible blow, we are glad that Menorca has had the chance to improve the natural quality for those tourists who will visit the island this season can enjoy it in it’s full splendor.

From Menorca Vacations we invite you to travel to Menorca, Biosphere Reserve, where you will enjoy a unique holiday.