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Much more than sun and beach: hidden Menorca

Menorca is one of the most popular islands in the Balearics. A little paradise mostly known for the peace and quietness you can breathe all around the island.

But Menorca isn’t just a traditional destination for summer holidays, Menorca has a lot more to show. And we can start talking about the wide cultural offer of Mahón, the capital city of the island.

A placer for serenity: la Addaia

If what you are looking for is being in touch with nature, you can enjoy hidden places like the Addaia, located in one end of the S’Albufera des Grau National Park. This is a great example that nature and humanity can coexist in a healthy and organized way. S’Albufera des Grau consists in two islets that surround the seaport and the urbanized zone, offering a space for reading, reflection, meditation and relax.

Ciutadella: a magical city

Its charm is found in its varied architecture. The Santa María de la Ciutadella Basilica, the San Nicolás Castle or Borne Square stand out as the most distinguished places for visiting. Ciutadella is the second most important city in Menorca, so we have to mention its lively seaport, where you can find a wide offer in restaurants, pubs and night clubs. Spaces where is easy to enjoy a good meal with insuperable views of the sea.

The oldest building in Europe is in Menorca

We are talking about La Naveta des Tudonts, a prehistoric construction from 1.200 B.C. It’s a monument for funeral use that was raised without using any cement. It’s located in the 40th kilometer of the ME-1 road, between Ciutadella and Ferreiras.

La Cova d’enXoroi

This is one of the most emblematic places in the whole Mediterranean Sea. La Cova d’enXoroi is a cliff that plays as a music bar in the day and as a party and disco place in the night. Any visit to Menorca should include a moment in this special spot.

More places to discover

Binibeca is another must in your visit to the island. It’s a place known for its narrow streets, but mostly for its white houses. In the North you can find Fornelles, a little village that you should also see; most of the local fishermen live there.

Add this one to your list too: the Marlborough Fort. This is an edification from the beginning of the 18th century, a symbol of the fight between France, Great Britain and Spain for the Mediterranean control.

It’s also remarkable to mention the Virgen del Toro Sanctuary, found in the middle of the island.

Basic recommendation

If you want to make a tour to know these and all of the beautiful places in Menorca, the best idea is to rent a car just after arriving. You can even rent a motorbike, another good choice to know a territory with a lot to enjoy from side to side.