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Menorcan gastronomy

The Menorcan gastronomy is, without any doubt, one of the most precious in Spain. Its peasant roots match perfectly with the typical Mediterranean diet, highly praised all around the world. Maybe the secret is found in the combination of flavors, all of them inherited from very different cultures: Muslim, British, French and, most recently, American.

The base of the Menorcan gastronomy

Menorca is one of the most privileged islands belonging to the Balearics. The recipe books of Menorca have its base in the famous Mediterranean diet, but the difference regarding to other islands is that this one incorporates ingredients from other cultures as we mentioned before.

Fishing, of course, is guaranteed, so fishes and seafood have a main role in the plates of the Menorcan gastronomy. But not only that, the equine, bovine and porcine cattle is present too, as it is the little but very varied agriculture.

The tradition of the Menorcan cuisine has been passed from generation to generation and has always maintained it essence. However, it has taken a special relevance and strength inside the gastronomic world. In general, the traditional Menorcan cuisine can be divided in four groups: traditional recipes, wine routes, cheese routes and seafood gastronomy.

Foods and traditional plates of the Menorcan gastronomy

The seasonal and absolutely natural foods are the protagonists of the traditional plates of Menorca’s cuisine. Some of the centenary plates can be found in a lot of restaurants, presented in a traditional way and with some modern details that bring them a bit different and special flavor.

• Lobster’s caldereta

This is one of the most typical and delicious plates of the Menorcan gastronomy. This exquisiteness combines the unmatchable lobster’s flavor with a vegetable stir-fry smeared over toasted bread with garlic.

• Partridge stew with cabbage

The partridge is one of the most used ingredients in so many geographic points of the Spanish gastronomy. In Menorca’s case, it consists in a very original and creative elaboration, due to its preparation form, specially. The partridge is filled with bacon, sobrasada and black butifarra. As garnish we can foreground a delicious cabbage and garlic.

• Mahón cheese

As previously commented, the cheeses of Menorca are also an important piece in its gastronomy. In this sense, every visitant must try the delicious Mahón cheese, also known as Mahón Menorca.

It’s proved that Menorcan gastronomy constitutes on the most rich and varied of Spain. Although having fewer resources in comparison to others for being an island, its habitants have managed to develop a unique and extraordinary flavor through the years.