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Although people tend to enjoy holiday vacations in the summer period, the last few seasons there has been an increase of those who choose autumn as their preferred option. This is really an excellent idea due to several aspects.


The autumn season is an excellent option to enjoy your annual vacations o to plan a weekend break and disconnect for the daily buzz. Why is autumn a good option for your holidays?

Better prices

During the central summer months such as June, July and August, prices are extremely high due to the massive demand and peak season. But as from September the holiday offers drop prices considerably, so you can enjoy the same experience at lower prices.

More availability

During the autumn months you can appreciate more availability in accommodation, flights, excursions and others. This means holiday makers will be able to choose a larger amount of options than when travelling in the summer season.

Ideal temperature

Climate and temperature in autumn are also one of the most pleasant times of the year to travel and enjoy your holidays. Not as cold as winter and also you will not suffer from the suffocating heat from the summer months.

Destinations can be enjoyed better

A considerable drop of the number of tourists means you can enjoy the destination completely. This means access to hotel and accommodation services, attractions, restaurants, shows, etc. will not be after wasting time in long waiting lines. Also, this time of the year you can enjoy cleaner and less crowded landscapes. Can you imagine a beach in Menorca just for you? This little miracle can happen…

Less traffic jam if you travel by car

For those who choose to travel by car, due to less traffic on the roads in autumn, traveling to or during the vacations will be more pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable. Autumn is the ideal option for those who enjoy travelling by car.

To sum up, the chance to enjoy vacations in autumn is a good choice. Not only it is convenient for economic reasons, but also the climate is ideal and destinations will be able to be enjoyed in a relaxed way with not so many other holiday makers around.