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Four of the unknown beaches of Menorca

Some of the best beaches of Menorca have been known thanks to movies or advertising in the world of fashion. But very few know of the 210 km of the heavenly coast of Menorca. In fact, 24 out of the 75 beaches of crystal clear waters are considered virgin.

Beauty and tranquility are two words that describe most of the beaches you can find in the island. The Mediterranean sea keeps these white sand beaches as some of its best treasures, with hundreds of spots with open turquoise waters, protected by cliffs and rocky areas.

The unknown beaches of Menorca

Menorca is part of the group of the Balearic Islands. Second largest and third in population. The bays and beaches offer spectacular sights, and most of the coast are hardly visited or enjoyed by human kind. In fact, accessing some of them is only possible via walking paths or boats.

There are quite a few unknown beaches of Menorca, and in all cases it is worth the visit. We now mention 4 of the best options:

1. Cala Trebaluger

Considered one of the most singular and inaccessible beaches of the island. Although, the 40 minute walk from Cala Mitjana is worth the effort. Its virgin beauty, clean waters and bright sand have won her the name of “one of the southern gems”.

A difference from other beaches, that makes Cala Trebaluger unique, is a little water stream that end in the sea.

On the other hand, the costal walk from Cala Mitjana offers incredible sights. Coming close to the beach, you will find the stream, which you must cross by foot and the reward is a silky touch sandy beach.

2. Cala des Bot

The charm of Cala des Bot resides in the large pine tree forest that surrounds it. It works as a natural protection from both sun and wind, giving it a special aroma.

Starting from La Vall, there is a hard 30 minute walk. Being such a difficult spot to reach, it is usually a top choice for those who can enjoy a boat approach.

It has 150 meters of beach, with cliffs and sandy dunes that fulfill a perfect picture, hardly visited by tourists.

3. Cala Escorxada

Another of the heavenly unknown beaches of Menorca is Cala Escorxada, located in the Es Migjorn Gran term, southeast coast of the island. This beach is ideal for those searching something totally away from the world. The access by foot would take no less than an hour, and therefore, its 100 meters of sandy beach are mostly accessed by the lucky owners of a boat.

An alternative for those who will chose the walking path, is to use a bicycle. Considering it is an uninhabited area, it is very important to carry your daily drink and food provisions. Also, south wind days will bring rough waves, so it’s convenient to plan the visit on north wind days.

4. Platja des Talaier

To finish, we highlight this little and solitary beach, full of charm. The cliffs are hardly five meters tall, and are ideal for deep meditation without interruptions. The name of this little gem is a reference to the ancient keeper of the Artrutx Atalaya, a little lookout tower that dates from beginning of the XVII century.