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Five good reasons to visit Menorca

The island of Menorca is a true paradise for nature, history and good life style lovers. Although sometimes diminished by it’s neighbors Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca shines with it’s unique light and will enchant the traveler who discovers it’s wonders for the first time. We are going to give you five good reasons to visit this island on your next holidays.

The sea

Ports, bays and beaches with turquoise waters remind the traveler that this is a beautiful Mediterranean island. Be it by boat, enjoying the scenery and the wind, or under water, contemplating the oceanic posidonia, the sea is the truly main character. It is such a joy to discover spots like Cala Turqueta, hidden among pine trees, or Cala Pregonda, remote and with intense dark sand.

The weather

Menorca’s Mediterranean weather makes it an ideal holiday destination, with warm summers and mild cold winters. Also, sunny days are practically guaranteed every day from May to September.

Peaceful towns

Menorca has a small population, slightly under 91.000 locals. The main towns are Mahon and Ciudadela. We recommend visiting their ports, wander through their historic centers and discover monuments and cultural events.

Also, en Menorca you will find a large number of megalithic monuments, archeological deposits and prehistoric caves.

Out door activities

Menorca offers many active ways to enjoy nature. The island is ideal for trekking or walking trails, highlighting the “Cami de Cavalls”, which is a 220 km trail that surrounds all the island perimeter and is divided in 20 stages. It used to be an ancient defensive route and it will lead you to discover forests, beaches and cliffs.

Other activities are cycling, specially mount bike, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving, kayaking or horse riding excursions.

Island gastronomy

Needless to say, Menorca offers a delicious selection of fresh fish and seafood. The most popular dish is the lobster stew, are real treat for your senses. The menorcan style aubergines are also fantastic, and you will surely be trying the local pork sausages such as the “sobrasada” and the “carnixulla”. Last, but not least, you must try the local World wide recognized cheese, with a Protected designation of origin, and some of the local wines, also protected by the “Vi de la terra Illa de Menorca” designation.