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Do we have a party?

Any occasion is good to enjoy theme parties for a summer night. Although creativity and imagination are key to these holidays, there are many ideas that ensure success in celebrations, meetings of friends or colleagues, etc.

Holidays are usually the best times to celebrate with friends. The fun meetings, full of emotion and joy, define these themed parties for a summer night. It is easy to organize these parties and to do it in a privileged setting, such as one of our villas in Menorca, will give you an even more special point. There are a few ideas ...

Theme parties for a summer night

Pirates in action

For young and old, pirate parties are the most fun. The imagination transports to paradises full of treasure chests and maps, huge ships, hats, lawless islands and deep seas.

The patios, gardens or pools are perfect scenarios for pirates. The decoration can be very simple: cardboard chests that simulate wood, treasures of jewelry and gold coins (chocolate ones are the best!).

The white flags and with skulls, rudders and parrots, can not miss the decoration of this thematic party for a summer night.

It is about building a fantasy world, full of dangers and lots of fun, in search of lost treasure. Food and drink should reinforce that illusion; Seafood cocktails and tropical drinks are ideal to offer to the guests.

The 70s, the era of Disco

An excellent theme party for a summer night is the 70's. The famous disco era was marked by a great musical wealth, with exponents like Barry White, Bee Gees and John Travolta.

The costumes of wide boots, tight shirts, platform shoes and exuberant hairstyles will transport us to a time of dream and fun. The famous ball covered with small pieces of glass, lanterns to decorate the dance floor and colorful confetti can not be missing in the decoration.

Film Festival

Among the themed parties for a summer night, a very popular one is the so-called Movies party. Through the big screen, people reflect our dreams, so a meeting of this kind will be a success. They are recommended parties for adults who enjoy remembering movies they saw in their youth.

A good design idea will be the movie posters for the decoration of the walls. The best complement will be the colored balloons and photos of actors and actresses on the big screen.

A table with candy in the shape of the director's claps or filming equipment will be the ideal complement. Also "film" packaging, for guests to serve traditional popcorn, soft drinks or other beverages. You can also choose comfortable seats and a suitable lighting, so that everyone can enjoy in a cinema environment.